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Here is something new for our Kirkbourne members who have young puppies just beginning their gun dog adventures. This is not your usual puppy class, this is geared to set the youngest Kirkbourne recruits up to experience some of the most fundamental areas of their development in readiness to start their novice training in a few weeks time.



The main principles of the puppy sessions will be, to allow your puppies to socialise in a natural outdoor environment where they will meet other puppies of a similar age and their handlers, they will see older dogs working with their handlers in novice class and become familiar with the sounds that go with it.



The sessions will be held in a secure fenced area alongside the novice class for an hour and will be of a fun and playful nature allowing the puppies to meet and gain confidence with other puppies of a similar age. We will use a variety of balls and puppy dummies for simple fun retrieves, take time to get the puppies used to a slip lead, carry out some recall exercises and begin to teach some very basic commands to include the use of the whistle.



New handlers will have the chance to get to grips with the very basics of gun dog training with the opportunity to ask questions about any areas of concern. Dates and locations of puppy school will be on the calendar and may change from week to week so keep an eye out on there for up to date sessions.




AGE : 12 weeks (or after innoculations are complete) to 5 Months.


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