Ball Boy  - Tennis Ball Launcher Adaptor by Sporting Saint

  • Covers the tennis ball in shot scent when fired.
  • Launches a regular tennis ball out to 50 metres.
  • Can launch two tennis balls at the same time out to 20-30 metres, respectively so your dog can have two retrieves from one blank.. great for building up confidence with repeat retrieves.
  • Excellent for firing a ball along the ground and specially into cover to help a dog take a line .
  • Utilises inexpensive tennis balls as dummies so perfect for firing into areas were a more expensive dummy may not be easily recoverable if the dog should fail (.ponds, rivers, heavy cover etc.).
  • Reduces the recoiled of any hand launcher to almost zero, which is perfect for revitalising dummy launcher which are know for there heavy kick with a regular dummy.
  • Can be used without a ball to amplified shot sound, the ball launcher will give a report almost 50% louder and more gun like than a blank firing pistol. The shot sound is also more directional, excellent for attracting  a dogs attention at greater distances.
  • Uses a uniquely designed detonation chamber so the exterior is ABS plastic which greatly reduces the weight making it less wieldy  to use and less chance of tipping remote control launchers over.
  • 100% weather resistant materials .
  • Virtually recoil free even with powerful blanks so brilliant for ladies
  •  Fitted in seconds and simple to use                      
  •  Fits all known makes of launcher available in the UK, whether hand or remote operated.    (The Low Recoil DT Systems launcher does not fit the ball launcher)

Ball Boy for the launcher