Working Test 22nd February 2015

Kirkbourne Spaniels held their first 2015 working test at Stubbs Hall Doncaster. It was greatly received by our Handlers with 20 dogs and handlers joining in. Kirkbourne Spaniels also had more dog and handlers in reserve as this day was so popular. There were 4 test sections for each handler to complete. All dogs did very well and the standard of the dogs was very good. So much so I thought that there would be a run off for 1st 2nd and 3rd place. But when all the scores were added up we had clear winners for all places. I think all the handlers were very happy as well because the weather was so cold.

1st Barie Chester with Willow

2nd Steve Cotton with Jazz

3rd Matthew Kirk with Dexter

Our working tests are held to show the progress of the dogs training with Kirkbourne. We had handlers having a go for the very first time and some handlers that are regally entering working tests.

Working line images was there to capture all the handlers and their wonderful dogs. Click HERE to view all the days’ photos.


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