Lock down

as me continie to follow lock down restriction we have also being able to resume one to ones lessons. Paul and myself have enjoyed meeting up with old and new handlers. Keeping training through lock down has been so important but some handlers have just been out walking their dogs. This has been evident with some returning handlers. NEVER FEAR we are here.

Let's get cracking. We are hoping to resume classes soon if the idiots of the world don't lift the R numbers. Try your best to do your bit and stay away from busy places and maintaining your distance. We have been told so many times we may be forgeting the rules. When I was in the quarrying industry we used to change speed limits and signs around the site to make people more aware. Sometimes for example the speed limit would be 11mph instead of 10mph Or a new sign in a differnt place. Change is a good way to promote anything and make us pay attention. Just like when training dogs make a change make a difference. Keep them happy keep it simple.

Hope you are all safe and well, we will see you soon.


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One to One

We have now resumed one to one lessons and applied a new procedure to ensure we comply with current goverment guidence. If you would like to book a lesson please drop us an e mail Info@kirkbournespani