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The aim of TRAIN TO WIN Units is to provide handlers with an affordable, credible record that they have successfully fulfilled the criteria laid out by Kirkbourne Spaniels, and proof that the handler and dog are a competent partnership.


There are TRAIN TO WIN assement sessions for each level once a month. Details are posted in advance on the website and facebook pages.


Our TRAIN TO WIN manual can be purchased from any of our training classes or via the website shop.   The manual sets out in detail what is in involved in each level together with training tips and hints to help you achieve your maximum potential and progress through the Bronze, Silver and Gold assessments



Designed for the novice dog to underpin the basics of control, steadiness and obedience. 


All elements of the Bronze level are trained in our Novice classes. 

A Bronze pass will help you gain entry to Intermediate Training Days.



For the Intermediate dog and handler, focusing on building steadiness, retrieving etc and for spaniels, hunting.


All elements of the Silver level are trained in our Intermediate classes. 

A silver pass will help you gain entry to our Advanced Training Days.



For the advanced dog and handler, focusing on steadiness, directional control, blinds, obsticles and much more.


All elements of the Gold level are trainined in our Advanced classes.

PRICE : Train to Win manual -  £8 each
Assessment: £10 per dog (per assessment)


TRAIN TO WIN units are available to Kirkbourne Club members only.


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