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6th to 7th JULY 2024
Stubbs Hall Farm, Hampole, Doncaster, DN6 7EZ 

This is a long standing competition run by Kirkbourne Spaniels to allow clubs and teams to compete for the title in a fun and relaxed event more relevant to the field then in Trails. The Challenge is run over 2 days and involves teams of 4. The challenges will be a series of simulated scenarios based on more real life situations in the field and are not governed by Kennel Club rules. Judges are pulled from experienced formal judge panels as well as those who have a strong understanding and involvement in the field environment. Scoring will be based on point based results of dogs and their handlers being an asset to the shooting field.

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This is a working Gundog Competition, encompassing all gundog breeds and mixed gundog breeds. The individual tasks will be scenarios and situations that a Gundog and handler might be expected to perform on either a driven or rough shooting day.


Example Scenarios

(Note: these are examples only, actual tests/scenarios will be set by the judges and explained to participating teams on the day)


Example Scenario 1: On a driven shoot day the picking up team would need  to pick birds fallen. Some of the game would be runners. Shots will be fired and the judges will ask you to pick game. They will/may ask you to pick one particular bird as that could be a runner. Dogs may be asked to run in pairs or run as a team.


Example Scenario 2: Obstacles are always an issue on shoot days. The dog may be asked to negotiate water, fences or walls for either a marked retrieve or a blind. Each team member will be asked to do this test individually.


Example Scenario 3: A walked-up scenario could be used, where all 4 dogs walk in a line and either retrieve a blind or a marked retrieve.


Example Scenario 4: It may be required for an area to be swept by the dogs to  find birds. This could be done as a team effort or individually.


Example Scenario 5. There could be a scenario where all handlers are standing in a line-up. Each handler is given a fall area from the judges; some may be designated as runners. There may be other distractions prior to each  team member sending their dog.


On all tasks, handlers will have dogs off lead at each stage when directed by the judges.


2024 will once again see food stalls and other dog and field related stalls available throughout the weekend.

A scurry and long retrieve will also be running over the weekend, and open to all, with fabulous prizes supplied by Kirkbourne sponsors.

A photographer will capture the whole weekend and all its activities. 

Camping available for all teams, spectators and  over the weekend. This can be booked on the Kirkbourne Shop under 'Training Days'. Toilets and waste facilities will be available. 

For any further queries please contact:


You may reserve more than one team for your club, but please note it is restricted to 1 dog/1 team for 2024.

There will be a maximum of 10 teams in the competition.  

Cold game (birds and rabbit) and shot will be used throughout this challenge.

There will be prizes for 3rd to 1st placed Team entries, with an engraved trophy and other mementos from the weekend, as well a prize for the Top Handler and Top Young Handler (team members 16 years of age and younger).


To enter, pay your Team deposit in the Kirkbourne Shop under 'Training Days'. 

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