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Training Journal

Coming soon to assist you in your training is our Kirkbourne training Journal. Yes you could write everything in a diary and that's cool. What stands this Journal out from your diary it helps you set out tasks from the trainers and record it along with some great features. We will not give too much away as we want it to be a Kirkbourne designed book, yes, many people will follow and copy it once they see how it works, that's up to them but we will know we made it happen. We are so excited about it and it will be published hopefully before the end of the year.

We are also doing a training plan for handlers where they record in their own tailored training plan their training with ups and downs and challenges. Every week our trainer Darren Kirk will review your feedback and give you a step-by-step plan to keep moving forward or how to sort some issues out along the way.

More information will be available soon. These documents are currently being trailed to ensure we get it right. So keep an eye out on fb and on here to see it develop.

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Sounds great Darren… especially if you have a mind like a sieve. It will help me enormously with Ben 😊

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