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Gundog Trainer of the Year 2023

We did it and thanks to all our members and none members for supporting us. A few months ago I received an e mail saying that I had been nominated as one of the top 5 gundog trainers in the UK. This in itself was a massive achievement and truly made me feel great. On February 17th the announcement would be made to declare the winner down at the NEC at Birmingham. Several of us went down in the hope I would lift the trophy of such a great award. We all met up around mid day to go to the show and also be part of the awards, There were some really great names up for the awards and I was aware of this so if I were to win it would be a great achievement. I was not confident but said to everyone who came we are still winners to be in the top 5 in the UK. The show was good and we met up with some of our sponsors and other people along the way. People asked how I felt, I was truly ok about the whole thing and relaxed. The time came for us to go into the awards arena and I sat down with Alix and my friends were just behind us. I was still feeling fine and enjoying the free drinks supplied. As each category got read out and the winners went up onto stage to collect their trophy I continued to remain calm. What was the point in doing anything else. It was time to here the award for gundog trainer of the year. They called all the top 5 names out and several seconds later said that I was the winner. At this point I had the overwhelming feeling and I jumped up and went to the stage to collect my trophy. I could hear my team in the background shouting and wooop woooing but my focus was to hold the trophy. Several photos were taken for the media and I went back to my the team and we were all smiles. I have won before in 2018 but for some reason this felt better. I would like to thank you all for supporting me for this award. Its not just about me though, so much goes on behind the club with our team of dedicated staff. We are constantly looking of ways to get better and to help people in their quest to achieve a great gundog. I would therefore like to thank my staff of Kirkbourne from the bottom of my heart for making this club what it is today. Gundog journal have said they will offer our club members a discount for their magazine after they did a write up about me. Our sponsors continue to supply us with great prizes for our shows too. As Always my dearest friend Caro Dell is always there taking most of the photos you all see and love and supporting me on my web site. Once again thank you, Regards Darren


Very much deserved well done Kirkbourne Spaniels


How proud you must be. Well done👏👏😁

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