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To join the club and enjoy our training.

Please do not pay for postage we no longer send anything out

Membership renews in july the following year you book


Train to Win

A means of moving up in your training from Bronze, Silver then Gold.



Kirkbourne Spaniels has made it a whole lot easier for you and with developing this journal you can record accurately your training, you can write down training tips, what went well, what not so well.




In the interest of safety, any dog found not to be in control will be asked to be kept on a lead.The training venue is a commercial shoot ground. To ensure game is not disturbed, all visitors to the “Kirkbourne Training” must ensure they do not leave the training area.No bitches in season should attend the training sessions. If your dog is found to be in season you will be asked to leave the training area.Children are welcome but must be under parental supervision.It is the responsibility of all dog handlers to clear up after their dog.Do not leave any dogs in a non-ventilated vehicle and ensure water is available at all times.Handlers must ensure that their dog is not aggressive towards other people or other dogs. Failing to do so will result in being asked to leave the training area.

Inappropriate correction will not be tolerated and will result in you being asked to leave the training area.


Handlers should ensure that they wear appropriate footwear which is suitable for undulating grounds to prevent slips, trips and falls.


Vehicles are parked at the owner’s risk. Please take proper precautions to secure your vehicle and personal belongings.


Members may attend training at any of our training venues.

Kirkbourne Spaniels reserves the right to add new venues and/or discontinue the use of a venue if necessary.



You CONFIRM you have read the above rules and regulations and will agree to abide by them.


You CONFIRM you are happy for Kirkbourne Spaniels to use photos or video footage of you for promotional or commercial purposes.

(if you wish to opt out please comment in the information box)You CONFIRM you are happy for Kirkbourne Spaniels to send you promotional information via post or email.(if you wish to opt out please comment in the information box)


Kirkbourne Membership & Offers from £12

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