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Kirkbourne and Covid19

At kirkbourne we will maintain sticking to goverment guidance to ensure yours and our safety is never compromised.

In this unprecedented times we must comply with any guidance supplied by the goverment. At to that end we will always practice good hygiene for us along with our dogs. Disifectant buckets will be made available for your dummies and training aids along with fresh water to rinse them off.

We will ask each and everyone of you to pay on line to prevent cash being handled.

We will also ask for each handler to use rubber gloves and dispose of them yourself. Socially distencing must also be a priority for everyone.

We will limit numbers for each group and each group will train in a different location on site. Unfortunately some may think that our idea for returning to training is not so important and may fail to stick to our guidelines. If anyone is found not sticking to the above you most certainly will be asked to leave the training area without refund.

Please note these rules may not be limited to the above and more measures may have to be taken to ensure yours and our safety. Guidance will be followed without question from our govement.

We look forward to seeing you at our next training and will announce in due course

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