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National Gundog Competition

The National Gundog Competition set at Stubbs Hall Shoot Ground held by kind permission of John Soar on 10th and 11th of June 2017. Teams of 28 dogs and handlers came from all around the country met to compete in the 3rd year of this great competition. This competition in unlike any other due to the scoring system and the scenarios set.


4 were set for the first day for all dogs and handlers and 3 for the last day. Each scenario was set in such a way that this could happen on a real shoot day. Cold game and Live game were used throughout the weekend. The Scenarios were difficult and it soon shone out who had done the training before the competition. From a blind retrieve across 130 meters of water after having several distractions to hunting up on a walked up shoot to find game.

The Venue

Stubbs Hall Shoot, has set itself as a perfect setting for this competition. With cover crops,ponds, woods and open fields. Camping area was available with easy accesses. Food stalls and cake stalls were available for everyone throughout the day. Spectators parking area for people to come and watch all the handlers run their dogs was free and the amount of people was overwhelming to see.

The Result

After a long weekend and many Scenarios Kirkbourne Spaniels team Bren came out on top with the Vale of York team coming second place and following up in 3rd was Kirkbourne Spaniels Team Milly. We also had best dog and handler awarded to Steve Townsend.

Top dog and handler was another part of the competition. To ensure you had chance to win this you had to clear every scenario with minimum of a pass. Any fail would eliminate you form this. Steve Townsend and his dog proved to be the best over the weekend. It was a pleasure to see Steve and his dog work.

We are very great full to our sponsors who supplied us with Prizes for all the winners. Swillington Shooting Supplies, Sporting Saint, Brandecosse, Bracken Burrows, Fretwell and Sons, Working Line Images, Kirkbourne Spaniels

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