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Well it's here, time for the Yorkshire Game Fair, which means time for the National Gundog Competition.

Those that can't be there with you this weekend, raise a glass and wish our Kirkbourne Teams the very best of luck as they endeavour to bring home the silverware.

For now lets meet those remaining team members (whilst they huddle down in their caravans and tents with butterflies in their tummies .. ah no, of course it's a Kirkbourne Weekend...... )


Labrador Retriever , Bitch, 18/08/2013

Being picked for the team was and still is a real honour. Being part of the team last year was not only rewarding but catapulted me and my dog forward in our training.

The training this year has been very good, I started with a dog out of her first years picking up who had picked up some bad habits as had I allowing them. Training under the pressure to gain a place makes you really sit back and work out and work on your problems and overcome them with Darren's guidance and fellow team mates pointing out your mistakes, or suggesting" you thought of this, or that way etc" .

For me I feel I went from bottom of the team if rankings were there, to feeling like I can shoulder to shoulder with any other handler and dog, we are not perfect, but my handling has come on plenty, my bond with my dog is stronger than ever, Brambles confidence in me is strong, and when she listens we can achieve retrieves and results that I stand back afterwards and smile from ear to ear as the sense of achievement is amazing.

As for results this year, we as a team have no idea what the exercises are going to be, but we have trained well for anything and should be walking away holding the trophy as winning is how we train.



Labrador Retriever, Dog, 27/05/2014

How did I feel when I got picked ? . Yes yes yes, just as much as I did when we got through the selection day.

How's the training been,. Very good, learnt so much, still got a lot to learn test wise , but Sam's been up and down in my mind , I know what he can do when he wants, but he is still young.



Cocker Spaniel, Bitch



Labrador Retriever, Bitch, 04/06/2011

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