Saturday 8th February, 10am-3pm (Meet 9:30 for 10am start) Kirkby Overblow 5 mins North of Harewood House. When booked on we will send you full address details.


This day is aimed at intermediate dogs and advanced dogs.


This is a perfect opportunity to experience a shoot day in a controlled and non-pressurised environment. The day will include beating, retrieving, steadiness to shot, as well as information about shoot day etiquette and terminology. There will be also a sweeping up exercise where cold game will be placed in a wood and the dogs will hunt to find game as we would on a normal Shoot day.



· Gunshot will be used, so please only book this day if your dog is not afraid of gunshot! Please contact Darren first if you are not sure whether this day is suitable for you and/or your dog.

· The venue is a working farm/ Shoot, wildlife will be present as well as sheep and other farm animals.

· The day will be run using cold game and dummies; no game will be shot out of season.

· Please ensure you wear suitable footwear and waterproof clothing.

  • Please bring your own packed lunch, and some for me too.


The day will cover:

· Explanation of types of shoot days, roles, etiquette, terminology

· Walking in a beating line, hunting and stopping dogs to flush/simulated flush or shot

· Simulated drive (guns fired, cold game and dummies thrown)

· Retrieving during and after a drive

· Demonstration of dispatch of wounded birds (using cold game)

It is our intention to split the handlers into 2 groups one beating and one picking up. We will swap roles on every drive. There will be a Beat Master in each line ensuring the line is kept. The will also be a head picker up instructing the pickers to collect the game required.


If you require any more information please ask Darren or Chris


NB Please note no lesson or training day is transferable if you change your mind. The lessons or day are booked out and taken off line. If you decide you can’t make the lesson please let us know so we can re advertise it. If we sell that time slot we will refun d your money or swap for another date. If we can’t then you are nuts for cancelling.

Simulated Shoot Day