A perfect setting at Richmond North Yorkshire. Intermediate training is focused on bronze level or above. We are able to test our dogs on distance retrieves across difficult terrain. With lots of obstacles. We will meet at the gamekeepers cottage 10am then head down into the training area. Train while 12 then have our lunch (bring your own) then head out training again until 3PM. This lovely place is perfect for training dogs so don't miss out. Shot will be used along with dummy launchers.

 Aske Moor DL10 5HB Richmond.


NB Please note no lesson or training day is transferable if you change your mind. The lessons or day are booked out and taken off line. If you decide you can’t make the lesson please let us know so we can re advertise it. If we sell that time slot we will refun d your money or swap for another date. If we can’t then you are nuts for cancelling.

Intermediate day Richmond 19th June