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All one to ones are held at Stubbs Hall, DN6 7EZ.

Darren's Mobile number 07967485487.


  • Do you have issues with your dog you can not get to the bottom of?
  • Do you need a plan to train your dog and move forward?
  • Or do you just need to check in with your progress?


This is your chance to come and have an hour with Darren. Darren has a wealth of knowledge with both spaniels and retrievers with over 30 years experience and many awards and accolades behind him.


These one to ones are based on a first come first served basis and when you purchase the time slot a place will be reserved for you and taken off the booking from the shop. Therefore other handlers will have missed out. If you decide you can’t make this time slot we will endeavour to sell your place again for you. If we cannot fill your place you are bloody nuts for cancelling and will not get a refund. Please do not purchase this time slot if you don’t agree with the above.


Please read Our One to one Policy below


**All bookings are non refundable and non transferable unless cancelled by the organiser.

19th March 1 to 1 with Darren Doncaster Stubbs hall

Out of Stock
  • Here are our new procedures.  Please read them and confirm you will adhere to these. Anyone not adhering to these rules will be asked to leave without a refund. 

    In order to maintain the safety of all parties post COVID, we have put new measures in place and adjusted how we participate in training sessions. Anyone booking and attending a 1-1 training session must comply with the following conditions:

    - Only one handler, one dog will be permitted to attend 1 to 1 training session per day, double bookings will not permitted at this current time

    - Bring your own dummies (canvas or plastic) or tennis balls.

    - Maintain a minimum of 2m distance between trainer and handler at all times

    - Use an alcohol-based hand gel before and after training for your own safety

    - Training sessions must be pre-booked, cash will not be accepted

    - Please do not enter the training field without being asked by on of our trainers.

    - If you have any symptoms or are unwell in any way, DO NOT ATTEND, a full refund will be given

    - We will demonstrate tasks with our own dogs for you to replicate and practice the given task

    Regards Kirkbourne

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